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Trading tools

To start trading, you need to click the ‘Trade’ button at traders room. After that, you will see a trading platform. 

The main window of the trading platform contains different parts: a top bar with an instrument and data; chart and drawing tools; indicators; your orders history; market depth; time and sales.

1. Top bar

On the top bar there are several useful tools:

  • instruments

          B2BX Exchange has many trading instruments available which could be accessed via the upper tab of the trading platform menu in the drop-down list

  • last price

  • volume

  • bid & ask

For a particular instrument just type in Search form what you are looking for.

2. Professional Chart (provided by TradingView)

B2BX Exchange has enabled three MA’s by default. To get all benefits from professional TradingView chart you should be a professional trader or learn the basics of technical analysis in our Education section.

3. Your orders history

Here you can find all the information regarding to your orders. 4 different tabs presented: Open orders; Filled orders; Inactive orders; Trade Reports

4. Market depth (Orderbook)

Order book reflects the current supply and demand relation and updated in real time. It shows:

  • a tendency of market participants

  • current liquidity on the exchange

  • activity for the selected instrument

  • define the Ask-Bid spread on the instrument

5. Time and sales 

On the right hand of the trading platform, there’s available the trades history on a certain instrument that allows to:

  • see the activity and interest of traders to the selected asset

  • monitor the recent direction of market participants

6. Trade area

The trade area allows to put in the details required to enter the trade:

  • Order type (Market or any Pending one)

  • Amount

  • Price (for orders)

In order to start trading, you should choose order type ‘Market’, ‘Limit’ or Stop. 

For a quick start – choose ‘Market’ order type, write amount to buy or sell.

If everything is ok and order is correct you will see pop-ups at the right corner.