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Trading platform interface

It is the main page of a trading platform. Here you can set orders, see the charts and check your orders history.

Here you can choose a trading instrument and see its chart.

This tab displays Order book for a certain trading instrument so you can see full list of existing orders.

Right next to this you can see History tab which displays all executed orders on this trading instrument.

Besides checking a chart to see quotes changes you can use Watchlist tab. It will monitor and display current prices, volumes and 24 hour highs & lows for preferred trading instruments.

Now you can see your open, filled and inactive orders in once place. Just switch between tabs to see the required information.

When you are ready to set an order then you should use Market order tab. You can set a trading instrument, amount and direction.

If you want to set a pending order then please click Limit tab. You can also set a trading instrument, amount, direction and price for activating an order.

Also you can use Depth Chart (Market Depth) which shows market’s ability to sustain large market orders without impacting on the price of the asset in question. Market depth takes into consideration the overall level and breadth or current open orders within an individual trading instrument.

Besides all already mentioned you can set the layout of a trading platform as you wish. You can add new tabs to existing ones as well.

And you can move blocks and change its layout.

Also you can create several different workspaces.

And add widgets and blocks there.

If you want to reset all settings to default then just click this icon