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Deposit and withdrawal limits

Feature Verification Level 0  Verification Level 1 Verification Level 2 Verification Level 3 (for corporate accounts only)
Crypto Deposit  No limits No limits No limits
Fiat Deposit  – No limits No limits
Crypto-to-Crypto Trading  + + +
Fiat-to-Crypto Trading  + + +
Crypto Withdrawal  + + +
Fiat Withdrawal  – + +
Daily Withdrawal Limit 
(fiat and crypto total)
 Only Crypto, equivalent to USD 100,000.00 Equivalent to USD 100,000.00 Equivalent to USD 300,000.00
Monthly Crypto 
Withdrawal Limit
 No limits No limits No limits
Monthly Fiat Withdrawal Limit  – Equivalent to USD 500,000.00 Equivalent to USD 3,000,000.00
KYC requirements E-mail verification  ID document, selfie, basic information Proof of address, 
additional ID document
Source of funds, due dilegence
To use the exchange, 
corporate clients
and merchants have to 
achieve Verification Level 3

Please note that Verification Level 3 is available for Corporate Accounts only.