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Email Address Verification

In some instances, email can take some time to reach us depending on the carrier. If after twenty minutes the e-mail isn’t in your inbox, it is possible that your internet provider is marking the verification emails as spam.

  • Please check your Spam box first. If some of our messages are located in this folder, you should mark them as “not spam”.

  • Add [email protected] to your email contact list or list of verified senders.

  • Change your email settings to save a copy of junk mail messages as many companies delete those messages by default before they ever reach your inbox. A quick Google search for "how to exchange my unsolicited mail settings" will provide a guide for doing this. Make sure you use your precise email company when conducting your search.

You may see your filtering alternatives referred to as something different depending on what email company you are using. It may be referred to as ‘junk mail filtering’, ‘junk e-mail filtering’, or even quite simply ‘filters’.

As soon as this is modified, you will be able to have emails re-despatched from the B2BX sign up page.

Receiving email without a verification link

If you cannot find the verification link in your e-mail, it is probably being blocked by your email settings or was cleared out via protection procedures.

In order to fix this, please try the following:

  • Copy and paste the hyperlink into a new tab or window for your browser. This should be the same as if you clicked the link to resolve the problem..

  • Add ‘[email protected]’ to your contact list, then log out of your B2BX exchange account after which you should login once again to have a new verification email sent to you.

  • Try using a different browser or clearing your browser’s cookies and cache. Then log out of your exchange account and login again.

  • ‘Allow html’ for your email settings. A brief Google search will provide instructions on how to do this. As soon as this is done, log out and return to your exchange account options to receive a new verification email.